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Full Version: booting ISOs is very slow
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i use ventoy to boot an acrons true image (2010) rescue system.
compared to the cd, it takes 3-4 times longer!
actually i expected ventoy to be much faster: The cdrom in the laptop is 24x = 3,6 MB/s
The stick, of course on an USB-2 port is checked with h2testw, it reads 14,5 MB/s
if i copy a file with windows from the stick, i get around 15 MB/s
what is the reason why ventoy boots the iso so slow?
Please share me the ISO file for test.
ups, it is an old version of acrons true image, i created it from cd with
dd if=/dev/sr0 of=acronistrueimage.iso, so there is no address for download.
it is possible to use the iso file from a newer test version of True image, here:
the iso is uploaded and i posted the link to longpanda for test
Are you saying ONLY this ISO is slow and all other ISOs load quickly?
Or that all ISOs load slowly?
I assume you are talking about Legacy boot (not UEFI?)
Try making an Easy2Boot USB drive and add the ISO to \_ISO\MAINMENU folder.
If that is also slow, reboot and hold down SHIFT key to load the grub4dos USB 2 drivers - then try loading the ISO.
If much faster then the problem is you have a slow BIOS driver.
You can test BIOS speed using the UTILITIES - Measure BIOS USB performance menu entry.

P.S. I tested this ISO using VBox from Ventoy USB. It does indeed take much longer for the first Acronis menu screen to appear even under VBox! With E2B it appears instantly.