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Full Version: Ventoy Installer Suggestion: Choose FS Type
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Suggestion for ventoy installer (script and webui, app for windows):

Option to choose filesystem type for the ventoy data partition: (eg- ExFAT/NTFS/EXT/etc.)

Along with a warning for obvious limitations/pros-cons in a small message shown while installing if its an unconventional selection.

Comments from @longpanda and others appreciated.
Hope @longpanda has read this and reply if its worth considering...
Admin alert, looks like a SPAM message above with reference to a link.
Thanks for the alert, agnivo007. it has been dealt with. Cool
Any comments on the suggestion? Worth considering?
Sorry, I agree on principle but it's way out of my scope. Angel
There is no particular inconvenience.

The intentions of the creators cannot be ignored.

I don't think it's a bad idea to format and use it for its intended purpose
I totally support agnivo007's idea. Every time I have to reformat the primary partition after installing Ventoy with NTFS and select proper cluster size and make the primary partition active. If installer could do that, it would be great.