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Full Version: Font settings in boot menu
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I tried to change the menu font settings in theme.txt but nothing changes. What am I doing wrong ?

"control": [

"theme": {
"file": "/ventoy/theme/theme.txt",
"gfxmode": "1920x1080",
"display_mode": "GUI",
"serial_param": "--unit=0 --speed=9600",
"ventoy_left": "5%",
"ventoy_top": "95%",
"ventoy_color": "#0000ff",
"fonts": "/ventoy/theme/Poppins-20.pf2",

I'll change the question. How do I increase the font size on the loading screen ? Or make it Bold.

So is it possible to increase the font on the boot menu screen or not ?
like in Breeze GRUB Theme