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Full Version: [SOLVED][HP Compaq 8000] Help please
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when i try use Ventoy i get a black screen with blinking cursor

ventoy window not load to boot windows
just read your post ... Huh 

If you would offer some more details of your situation an answer could come easier.

Regards   T.
my PC Hp compaq 8000 Tower
when use ventoy to setup windows
can't see Ventoy Window
just get black screen like this
Yet there are more things to clarify:
-secure boot?
-Windows setup version?
-usb boot working with other usb-stick/disk?

the more details you offer the better.

regards   T.
Did you try to boot Ventoy with Secure-Boot disabled?

i update bios and it work now
thanks alot for ur help
Thank you for returning what solved your problem.

Regards T.