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Full Version: Boot hidden internal SDD
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I'm faced with a Samsung laptop equipped with a SSD drive and an optical drive, both clearly available from the BIOS as startup devices.

Moreover, Linux (Mint) liveCD pre-boot hardware detection shows there's a third smaller SSD (listed as disk 2, i.e., before the disk 3 main drive) -- which once the OS boots also shows up as '/dev/sdb'...

I wanted to setup Linux to this drive and I'm wondering if there's a way to use Ventoy to boot it, since I have no option to do that via BIOS (without presumably having to change it into UEFI mode).

My Linux-foo is a bit weak here, so any help appreciated. Huh
I went ahead and installed Mint anyway to '/dev/sdb1'. Everything went according to the script and it finished successfully as much as I'm able to tell; only, when asked where to place the bootloader I got puzzled and in a hurry decided to place it in '/dev/sdb' -- which means the disk and not the partition to me...

Then I rebooted and as expected, I couldn't boot the new system.

Next, I looked around the net and tried to follow something found at StackExchange (  After exiting Ventoy to the shell by pressing "c", I was able to find the grub folder at '(hd1,msdos1)/boot/grub' and then typed the remaining commands; there was a quick flash after entering the last normal and the screen just went blank. Dead end, it seems.

I'll just keep looking...
Couldn't solve this and the laptop is now gone. In the end, I resorted to leaving the ISO in place and setting app persistence. Bummer!