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Full Version: Ventoy 1.0.37 release (Loongson MIPS UEFI)
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  • 2021/03/06 --- 1.0.37 release
  1. Experimental support for loongson mips64el UEFI. Notes

  2. Add script for Deepin/UOS. Notes

  3. Add VTOY_MAX_SEARCH_LEVEL option in global control plugin. Notes
  4. Improvement for UEFI boot compatibility.
  5. remove the ASSERT warning in UEFI mode when boot fail.
  6. use uname -m to detect architecture in shell script (PR #774)
  7. Change the partition configuration dialogbox layout in Ventoy2Disk.exe to fit text area. (issue #769)
  8. languages.ini update
  9. Document: Ventoy Search Configuration
点 安装 后, 台电U盘固件丢失, U盘废了!...