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Full Version: [Tested] LinuxFX 10 WXS LTS
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Thanx a lot for a good job!!!! Smile
I succesfully tested and add LinuxFX 10 WXS LTS to Multiboot USB by Ventoy Smile
ISO: linuxfx10-wx-lts-beta2.ISO
Boot: Legacy
Processor: Intel i5-5220U (Broadwell)
Laptop: Lenovo Z51-70

BR. from Poland!
Thank you for your test and report.

BTW, which bios mode do you test? Legacy BIOS or UEFI or Both?
And you test it on real machine or virtual machine?
I tested it with Legacy BIOS on laptop Lenovo Z51, of'coz on real machine Smile

BTW, I also tested iso WinPE 10-8 2019.12.28 by Siergiej Strelec and WinPE run with Ventoy menu, but many options of WinPE Siergiej Strelec not work...