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Full Version: PrimTux6 Ubuntu20.04 [Tested]
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I tested (live) PrimTux6 Ubuntu20.04 on Ventoy-1.0.34/1.0.35.
ISO: PrimTux6-Ubuntu20.04-1-amd64-2020-12-06.iso (3.4GB)
Download: download
Boot: Legacy/MBR, UEFI (Secure Boot -> Disabled)
Platform: Lenovo Z51-70 Intel i5-5200U
Thanks for the reports which are great - but 'tested' in the subject line really is not very useful as it does not say if it passed or failed!
It would be much more useful if you could put in the subject what works or fails, e.g.

PrimTux6 Ubuntu20.04 (Ventoy 1.0.34) [MBR and UEFI64 OK]

There are UEFI32 systems, so it is important to state UEFI64 or UEFI32.