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Full Version: [FR] UI for Linux and possible fork
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Since I'm using Ventoy, I miss an UI for Linux. In fact, before Ventoy existed, I used MultiJBootUSB, that have UI for Linux. However, I continue using MultiBootUSB cause it has a great interface to launch ISO's and USB's distros using QEMU. I don't know if Ventoy Windows version has that possibility, but it would great in a Linux UI.
MultiBootUSB is outdated since 2018-04-04 and its domain is for sell. I don't know if both projects are using same language, but I suggest to fork the MultiBootUSB interface and reuse its UI to give Linux users a way to simplify the use of Ventoy, adding the QEMU launch possibiity.
Thank you
Hi Rafael

I wrote a simple GUI for Ventoy in Python and Tkinter ... go have a look!

Maybe you could look at he code and make some suggestions?
(01-18-2021, 09:44 AM)Rafael Wrote: [ -> ]... I used MultiJBootUSB, that have UI for Linux. ...
Rafael, would you happen to have a copy of the User Guide that is mentioned? Seems some very needed information may be contained.

Thanks, if you would post it.