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Full Version: [SOLVED] menuentry 'Fixup Windows BlinitializeLibrary Failure'
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请问一下是否可以在下个版本中,将“debug.cfg”文件中Ventoy UEFI Utilities子菜单能否加入分类,便于菜单显示图标?谢谢。


In the next version, will the“ debug.cfg ”Can classification be added to the ventory UEFI utilities submenu in the file to facilitate menu display icons? thank you. 
The test can be added manually and the function is normal without affecting the startup.

submenu 'Ventoy UEFI Utilities' --class=debug_util {
        menuentry 'Fixup Windows BlinitializeLibrary Failure' --class=debug_util {
            chainloader ${vtoy_path}/vtoyutil_x64.efi env_param=${env_param} ${vtdebug_flag} feature=fix_windows_mmap
            echo -e "\npress ENTER to exit ..."
            read vtInputKey

        menuentry 'Return to previous menu [Esc]' --class=vtoyret VTOY_RET {
            echo 'Return ...'

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(11-26-2020, 06:51 AM)longpanda Wrote: [ -> ]
非常感谢。这样每次更新以后就不用手动改了。 Heart