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Full Version: Ventoy 1.0.28: Prohibition for use in a non-standard environment
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Ventoy 1.0.28:
Recently, I received some special error reports, which finally proved to be the cause of the non-standard Ventoy environment. Especially use Ventoy in a single partition environment.
Although Ventoy displays Unofficial's label information, users will not care and will still think it is a Ventoy problem. Ventoy has been an overall design from the beginning, and has not considered integration into other bootloader or partition environments. Ventoy's verification and subsequent development of new features will not consider this non-standard usage. Therefore, I decided to prohibit the use of Ventoy in a non-standard environment and no longer accept requests for deregulation. Of course, this is just the default behavior of Ventoy. Ventoy is still 100% open source. If you want to apply Ventoy in your own environment, you can fork a branch and modify the source code implementation.

I use a flash drive created with Origianal Ventoy.
But I also use a flash drive created with E2B+agFM+Ventoy.
Some of the ISO's that were declared as tested a long time ago don't work for me with Ventoy anymore or work incorrectly.
For this purpose I use E2B+agFM+Ventoy, because some ISO's, which do not work properly with Ventoy, work in E2B+agFM for example as .imgPTN.
Both tools, Ventoy and E2B in combination with agFM have their advantages and disadvantages. Why not combine them?

 It should be clear to every user to test a problem with Ventoy first with a Ventoy Original Flash drive before contacting longpanda.

Otherwise the problem is with E2B+agFM+Ventoy and therefore the problem should be reported to Steve at E2B.

That can't be that difficult!

After longpanda's decision to prevent Ventoy from being integrated into E2B, I now have to work with 2 Flash drives to take advantage of both tools.

What is your opinion about longpanda's decision?
Ventoy 1.0.27 simply displays 'Unofficial' so it is very easy to ask the question 'does it display Unofficial Ventoy'.
Maybe it would be better if Ventoy displayed 'Official Ventoy' if it passes the tests and 'Unofficial Ventoy' if it does not have official Ventoy partitions but it is still valid?
If Ventoy requires two MBR partitions then it should check for two partitions on start up and report an error if only one partition.
If anyone wants to provide a pre-compiled fork of Ventoy with the new tests removed in Ventoy.c, I will be happy to modify E2B so that it fetches the patched Ventoy files from the new location, and call it a different name to avoid confusion with the official Ventoy. I hope this will not cause LongPanda any more confusion/problems.
I really hope LongPanda will reconsider...