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Full Version: Ventoy and Large Disk Size with some computers/Laptops not all
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Ventoy plays we  with almost all computers/Laptops except about 10 percent of them where I get the Minimal BASH Grub where it says "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported."

OK In my testing I installed Ventoy on a fresh Large FlashDisk 256 GBs and It gave the Mini Bash Shell.

I Then Burned MediCat (32 GBs Image) as an example directly on the 256 GBs FlashDisk and it worked normally without resizing or moving partitions.

I Moved the Ventoy Partition to the End of the FlashDisk and Bam it happened. Now I get the MiniBash Shell error. I am just asking for Ideas on what to do??
(10-27-2020, 01:10 PM)longpanda Wrote: [ -> ]Please refer

Thanks a lot for your reply. This is some good reading indeed.

A sample of the computers that is having this problem is an HP ZBook 15 with Inter Core i7 and 16 GBs of ram and 1TB SSD.

I will try to read a bit more about this and check if this laptop falls under this bug.

Thanks again and I will return with more feedback on my findings based on your provided information.

Lots of Love.