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Full Version: [SOLVED] How to detect booted mode (UEFI vs BIOS)
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There is a way (a variable) to know if Ventoy pendrive booted in UEFI mode or in BIOS (legacy) mode, and to select the displayed theme : one for UEFI mode and another for BIOS mode.

grub_platform is a builtin variable in grub2, for legacy BIOS mode it is like: pc, for UEFI mode it is like: x86_64-efi

Currently, in the bottom left of the boot menu will display:

1.0.24 BIOS  ----> This means current is Legacy BIOS mode
1.0.24 UEFI  ----> This means current is UEFI mode

How can I use this variable for changing the Ventoy theme : one BIOS theme vs UEFI theme ?
I just support and commit it, the feature will be avaliable in the next release.
You can use Ventoy-1.0.25
Thanks a lot for the job