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Full Version: ventoy crashed pendrive
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Somehow my 32 gb pendrive became 5.5 kb . Diskpart cannot  clean it and gparted shows error reading it. It cant be formatted too. How do I fix it?
That sounds like a hardware failure.  I've had something similar happen twice over the years.  If the device cannot be formatted, it's usually a hardware/firmware problem (and the Firmware is usually not updatable).
Although I'm afraid FroggieTheGremlin is totally right, you could give BOOTICE a try (
Happen to my Toshiba 32G drive too. Was creating Ventoy and seem complete without error.
However, when display again with disk manager, I can see the disk now become "raw" status.
This is a brand new drive and was format by Windows without error before using it for Ventoy.

I tried to format the drive or create a partition with this drive again.
I get message: "error occurred while writing partition chaining"