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Full Version: boot ventoy in hdd and sdd
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longpanda   , how are you

my language is Arabic , But , I will try to communicate the idea

boot ventoy in hdd and sdd , like the photo

I used a program BOOTICEx64 , Then I copied the files And the iso , He did not work with me

I worked to save a backup MBR And PBR IN USB , Then Restore MBR And PBR  worked in sdd 

boot grldr and menu.lst  I need extracted file systems , This boot is my basic , And I want to combine it with boot ventoy

I liked the program so much

Thank you

thamer mousa
200 views without reply ؟؟؟

Where are the Solve
Sorry, Ventoy was designed as a whole solution, so it can't exist with your C:

Because the VTOYEFI MUST be the 2nd partition, and ISO files MUST be put in the 1st partition.
part 1 and part 2 was hard coded in many scripts.